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Deep tissue massage is a more ‘powerful’ type of massage using increased pressure and specific techniques to work more deeply into areas of tension.

It is ideal for people who prefer a ‘stronger’ massage.

Remedial massage aims to address areas of dysfunction and/or injury within the soft tissue using a variety of techniques.

Please note that whilst deep tissue and remedial massage work at a deeper level which can sometimes cause discomfort or tenderness, I do not work beyond clients’ tolerance levels regarding pain.

My training and experience over the years has proved that this can be counterproductive. Whilst my pressure can be ‘deep’, I am trained to work WITH the body.

I have many levels of pressure that I employ during treatment and I encourage clients to work intuitively with what feels good. Levels of discomfort are different for everyone and I ask for honest feedback to ensure that I never inflict pain.

Research shows that it is the therapeutic nature of massage which can help to relieve tension within the soft tissue, NOT the level of pressure. When the body feels pain, muscles tense and pressure is ineffective.


Thrive wellness cornwall, Hayle

30 mins


45 mins


60 mins


75 mins


90 mins

The Attic Cellar Treatment Rooms, St Ives

30 mins


45 mins


60 mins


75 mins